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Russian Piping Nozzles Set

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Easily create beautiful piped flowers on your cakes and cupcakes using this Russian piping set by Mondo.

  • 6 Russian piping nozzles with various shaped roses and tulips
  • 4 piping bags included in the set. 
  • Made from quality stainless steel.
How To Use

Trim the piping bag to size and place the Russian piping nozzle into the piping bag.

Twist the top of the piping bag to ensure the icing doesn't come out of the top of the bag when piping. Gently squeeze the bag with even pressure. Lift up as you pipe to create the 3D flower effects.

Use a stiff consistency icing - buttercream works best but you could use royal icing if you want your flowers to dry hard.

Hand wash the tip with hot, soapy water.