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Cupcake Decorating Kit 9 Pieces

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Create fun and interesting icing designs on your cupcakes using this Mondo Cupcake Decorating Kit.

  • 4 large piping tips - #195 & #2C drop flower, #1A round and #124 petal.
  • 1 large coupler - to change piping tips without mess.
  • 4 piping bags included.
  • Made from quality stainless steel.
How To Use

Place the piping nozzle directly into the piping bag if you don't need to change the tip. Otherwise, use with a coupler.

Twist the top of the piping bag to ensure the icing doesn't come out of the top of the bag when piping. Gently squeeze the bag with even pressure.

Hand wash the piping nozzle with hot, soapy water.