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Russian Ball Piping Tip Set


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Easily create beautiful ruffles on your cakes and cupcakes using this Russian Ball Piping Tip Set.

Set Includes:

  • 5 Russian Ball Piping Tips
  • 1 Tri Coloured Coupler
  • 1 Regular Coupler
  • 1 Silicone Piping Bag

How To Use

Place directly into the piping bag if you don't need to change colours, or use it with the provided coupler if changing tips.

Twist the top of the piping bag to ensure the icing doesn't come out of the top of the bag when piping. Gently squeeze the bag with even pressure and twist the piping bag from right to left to create the ruffle effect.

You can also create these on baking paper, freeze and then place onto your cake once the ruffles are hard.

Use a stiff consistency icing - buttercream works best but you could use royal icing if you want your ruffles to dry hard. 

Hand wash the tip with warm, soapy water.