How To Use Lustre Dust

From Gold Fondant Unicorn Horns to stunning Drip Cakes, metallic effects are hot right now!

Creating stunning metallic effects on your cakes or cookies is really easy to do using a lustre dust. We love Rolkem Super Dusts, which are shimmery lustre dusts that can be applied wet or dry and come in a gorgeous range of colours.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use lustre dusts on fondant decorations. 

Dry Application - Dusting Fondant

Simply use a decorating brush to apply your lustre dust onto the surface of your decorations. This works well with fondant but can also be used on chocolate or dried royal icing.

Rolkem Super Dust


  • Really easy to use
  • Good coverage
  • Can be applied to fondant immediately (no need to let the fondant dry out first)
  • Won't damage the fondant or cause cracking
  • You only need the 1 product


  • Harder to use if you want to colour small details or use multiple colours on an item (needs to be used wet for this)

Wet Application - Painting Fondant

You will need to mix the dust with Rolkem Quick Dry Essence or alcohol to create a paint and then use a brush to paint the colour onto the surface of your decorations.

Rolkem Super Dust Wet Application


  • Strong coverage
  • Very small details can be painted, using a fine brush


  • It's best to apply to dry fondant to prevent damage, so this takes longer
  • Can cause cracking or damage if too much is applied or it's too wet.
  • Does dry quickly, so you need to work fast


Happy decorating!

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