5 Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Cupcakes - what's not to love?! They're perfect for all occasions and you can use some really simple & achievable decorating techniques to produce a great result.

Here's 5 easy cupcake decorating ideas that are simple to create and can be adapted to suit all occasions.

For all of the cupcakes below, I have used White Buttercream Icing with Rose Pink Chefmaster Liqua-Gel to colour. I have used various cupcake piping tips (1M, 1A and 2D) and a disposable piping bag.


Open-Star Swirl

This is probably the most common type of swirl you'll see on a lot of store-bought cupcakes. For this, I've used a large, open star 1M Piping Tip.

Open Star Swirl Tutorial Sweet Supplies

Simply start at the edge of the cupcake and pipe around in a non-stop circular motion, working inwards as you join up to where you have already piped. Make sure when you to stop squeezing before lifting up the piping bag at the end.

The great thing about piping like this is that if it doesn't quite turn out as you'd like it to or you make a mistake, you can spoon the icing off the cake and try again!

Round Swirl

For the round swirl, I've used the same technique as with the open-star swirl, just using a 1A Piping Tip instead.

Round Swirl Tutorial Sweet Supplies


For the rose cupcakes I've used a 2D Drop Flower Piping Tip.

Rosette Tutorial Sweet Supplies

For this effect, you start in the centre of the cupcake instead of the outside edge. Pipe in a circular motion again, but work outwards instead of inwards. To finish off, stop squeezing as you are still moving your hand, so the icing tapers off at the end.


This technique is really simple - just pipe lots of little hydrangea-style flowers all over the cupcake using a 2D Drop Flower Piping Tip.

Hydrangeas Tutorial Sweet Supplies

Hold the piping tip close to the cupcake, squeeze until the enough icing comes out to create the flower, then stop squeezing before lifting the piping bag up. Keep the flowers close together and you can go over the top again if they are too small or there are gaps.

Sprinkles, Cupcake Wrappers and Cupcake Toppers

All of the ideas shown above look great as they are, but you can also add sprinkles, cupcake toppers or cupcake wrappers to any of these to take them to the next level!

Sprinkles, Wrappers & Toppers Sweet Supplies

For the cupcake on the right, I've just added some Silver Pearls to the icing and then used a Silver Glitter Cupcake Wrapper and Glitter Star Cupcake Topper to finish it off.

For the cupcake on the left, I have added both Silver Pearls and White Sprinkles to the icing. I love the crunchy texture that sprinkles add to the soft icing.


Happy Decorating!

Jess x

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